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Projects of the company
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Welcome to “UKRASSIST”

Our company is professional assistant, supporting and caring about You 24h a day in Ukraine and throughout the world.

“Ukrainian Service Company “UKRASSIST”, established in 2002, offers its services to the leading Ukrainian banks, importers, insurance companies, large companies and private persons.
The company serves, takes care of its customers, making their lives less complicated, more organized and controlled, and free time - enjoyable.

We are trusted by 383891 clients.
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Projects of the company “UKRASSIST”



Grand Concierge — is a professional team which is able to make all Your dreams come true and the problems left in the past!


Auto Mobil Club —provides to all ht у participants of the Club and corporate Clients complex help on the road in the whole territory of Ukraine and abroad.


Germany Medic – is the program of services in the sphere of medical tourism in Germany which helps You to receive the individual medical assistance, find leading dostors and medical organizations.


Examples of tasks
  • Where I can buy an inflatable chair for Inflatable boat such as "Hummingbird", "Sporteks"?
  • We need to know how much will cost new keys for a car.
  • Find me reputable recruitment agencies of domestic staff (cooks, house workers) to work for a long time and have the recommendations.
  • I'm interested in renting a car on Cyprus.
  • I need to know where are OKKO gas stations on the road Zhytomyr-Simpheropol.
  • Where I can buy today a hammock (usual, without stand), which you attache to trees. It should be formed into a bag. Preferably, linen.
  • Accident in Romania. Traffic Police evacuated the car. We may need to rent a car in Romania and Bulgaria to go to and rent a room in a hotel in Romania.
  • Find good places in Kiev where we could watch a Champions League Finals today.
  • Where are singing fountains in Vynytza?
  • We are interested in information about accommodation in the hotel in Disneyland (France) for 3 persons.

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