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Ukrainian Assistance
Projects of the company
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Examples of tasks

  • Where I can buy an inflatable chair for Inflatable boat such as "Hummingbird", "Sporteks"?
  • We need to know how much will cost new keys for a car.
  • Find me reputable recruitment agencies of domestic staff (cooks, house workers) to work for a long time and have the recommendations.
  • I'm interested in renting a car on Cyprus.
  • I need to know where are OKKO gas stations on the road Zhytomyr-Simpheropol.
  • Where I can buy today a hammock (usual, without stand), which you attache to trees. It should be formed into a bag. Preferably, linen.
  • Accident in Romania. Traffic Police evacuated the car. We may need to rent a car in Romania and Bulgaria to go to and rent a room in a hotel in Romania.
  • Find good places in Kiev where we could watch a Champions League Finals today.
  • Where are singing fountains in Vynytza?
  • We are interested in information about accommodation in the hotel in Disneyland (France) for 3 persons.

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