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Ukrainian Assistance
Projects of the company
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About company

The company "UKRASSIST" provides a unique service in Ukraine and the world for its clients, the result of which exceeds expectations.
The company provides high quality service taking into account your needs and desires, based on a philosophy of individual approach to customer service and innovative programs to service partners.
"UKRASSIST" can solve absolutely any problem - and even more!

Current projects of the company "UKRASSIST":

  • Business services - for large organizations and VIP-persons.
  • Car assistance - for car importers.
  • Insurance ssistance - for insurance companies.
  • Auto Mobil Club - for private drivers.
  • Grand Concierge - Concierge-service for large organizations and VIP-persons.
  • Germany Medic - medical tourism in Germany for VIP-persons.
  • Payment for goods / services in the world - for VIP-persons.

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