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PLATINUM CARD from Concord Bank
November 2015
A premium card that provides exclusive status to its holders. Customers have access to the service "Concierge Service" - a personal assistant who will take care of you and fulfill any of your wishes, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and the exclusive service "Automobile Assistance".

UniCredit Bank - "Assistance on the road" service for VISA GOLD FUEL "Fuel card" holders
July 2015
Traveling behind the wheel with a fuel card just got easier!
UniCredit Bank thanks you for using your Visa Gold Fuel card and activating the service program of "VSK" UkrAssist "LLC for free -" Help on the road ".
Now the following services are available to you around the clock throughout the year: free evacuation, wheel change, urgent delivery of gasoline, prompt technical advice in case of breakdowns and accidents, prompt legal advice in emergencies, navigation on the road: search for cafes, gas stations, weather, traffic jams, etc. etc.
All you need is to call 0800505255 (calls within Ukraine are free).
Always maximum benefits for those who pay Visa Gold Fuel from UniCredit Bank!

Fozzy Group - Your Assistant for Special Clients of the Silpo Network
June 2015
The Vlasny Rakhunok program - Silpo supermarket chains. You can use the services of personal assistants by phone for free. This is getting any information of a reference nature, organizing travel and leisure, ordering a taxi, booking tables in restaurants, delivering flowers, ordering air tickets and much more.
Providing support for the program for concierge service - LLC "VSK" UkrAssist ".

Pravex-Bank "La Famiglia" - concierge service for the whole family
June 2015
PRAVEX-BANK has launched a new premium class service package for the whole family "La Famiglia". Now the client and 2 family members have access to the 24/7 Concierge Service from VSK UkrAssist LLC with extended functionality: home secretary, medical assistance, home lawyer, household issues, and most importantly, the help of a family banker in solving financial issues. La Famiglia is an individual approach to each client, wrapped in a new format, a comprehensive system of financial and personal services for a comfortable life of a modern person.
http://www.pravex.com/ukr/press/news / banknews / 2015-06 / 10486

Unison Bank - Concierge Service for Premium Clients
June 2015
By calling the "UkrAssist" hotline - 0-800-50-52-55, you can use the services of a personal secretary and get the necessary help and support. Concierge service covers all aspects of your daily life: Vacation and Travel, Home and Family, Health and Beauty, Business and Finance. Also, you can order tickets for events, hotel rooms, rental cars, book air tickets in Ukraine and around the world, organize a call to emergency services and utilities, call a taxi or find out the poster of cinemas and theaters.

Vernum Bank - Concierge for Premium and VIP clients
June 2015
Concierge service from LLC "VSK" UkrAssist "provides professional, full, comprehensive customer service, 24 hours a day, on any questions in all spheres of life in Ukraine and abroad. Professional assistant providing round-the-clock information, organizational and service support. List of services provided by a personal concierge - endless, from "everyday" to "luxurious" and covers all major areas of life.

Prosto Insurance - roadside assistance program for OSAGO
June 2015
JSC "PROSTO-insurance" together with LLC "VSK" UkrAssist "is holding a campaign for residents of Kiev and Kiev region, within the framework of which everyone who purchases a car insurance policy receives a" Premium Service "card, which allows the client to use a number of free services, namely: free emergency assistance on the road, car assistance and information and consulting support.
http : //www.pro100.com.ua/ru/o-kompanii/novosti/vnimanie-nachinaem-akciyu-dlya-teh-kto-zhelaet-priobresti-avtograzhdanku

RADABANK - concierge for Premium and VIP clients
May 2015
Concierge service from LLC "VSK" UkrAssist "provides professional, full, comprehensive customer service 24 hours a day, on any questions in all spheres of life in Ukraine and abroad, for owners of Premium cards.
A professional assistant will provide you with round-the-clock informational, organizational and service support in Ukraine and around the world. The range of services provided by a personal concierge is endless, from “everyday” to “luxurious” and covers all major areas of life.

DV Bank - concierge service for Platinum clients
April 2015
It is enough to dial the UkrAssist number - 0800 50 52 55 and the mobile concierge will take care of everything. The following services are available for Platinum cardholders: recreation, personal secretary services, road accident assistance, Event service, medical tourism services and services in Germany and much more.
http://www.dvbank.ua/en/retail- banking / platezhnye-karty / konserzh-servis /

UniCredit Bank Retail - concierge for Platinum and Infinite retail clients
February 2015
Concierge service from "VSK" UkrAssist "LLC is available to all holders of new Visa Platinum or Visa Infinite cards. Sevis is connected automatically and absolutely free of charge.

Concierge Service is a personal assistant who works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. He can help in solving any problems: from simple ones (calling a taxi, booking tables in a restaurant, delivering flowers, booking cinema tickets, organizing events and holidays, etc.) to helping in difficult or critical situations (calling a tow truck, searching medical supplies, making an appointment with a doctor, etc.).

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